Let's get to know each other [Mark Adler

Mark Adler deals with everyday appliances, following the latest trends in interior design and at the same time creating new directions in design. The best quality, ergonomics and functionality, all while maintaining an attractive price.

We put the client on a pedestal. Everyone is important to us and we fight for them every day. We pay attention to your smallest needs, which is why we have been developing dynamically for years. Unique design combined with ergonomics are our most important values. The harmonious combination of user comfort, healthy ergonomics and extraordinary finish is combined with a competitive price.

Versatility is also important to us. Our office products will find their place in a home office, but also in a corporate open space. We know you and we know how important appearance, class and comfort are to you. You will find all this in our offer. If necessary, we are here to help, as always, for years.

We expand our offer every year. We started with armchairs and desks, now our offer also includes household appliances, everyday items, a children’s corner, but also fitness products. It is for you that we change and expand the range. We are dedicated to every customer and we want him to find everything he wants at the best price.

Mark Adler is, above all, highly refined details. When creating our products, we think about the user. About his comfort, taste and needs. We are not afraid of the avant-garde, we want you to be able to express yourself with our products.

We work every day to develop the brand to become a leader in the industry. This goal guides us with every product, which is why we check, refine and expand our range only with products we trust. So that you can trust us too.

Our long-term plan is to conquer other parts of Europe and go beyond the Polish border. Positive opinions and good company results drive us to act and not to rest on our laurels. We want more, faster and better.

Express yourself with Mark Adler. Show your taste and class with our products. For you, we change for the better every day.

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