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Our mission

We want customers to feel better in their private space.

We constantly analyze the market

By improving ourselves every day and creating innovative and original solutions, we are getting better.

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Each of our steps is well thought and planned. Customer satisfaction is our main goal!

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In case of any doubts, feel free to write to the e-mail address support@meestergroup.pl

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European markets

What do we do?

MeesterGroup takes care of three brands. Huzaro, Mark Adler and Vertenz. These are all brands created with heart and commitment. You can read about them below.

Where are we from?

We are a company from Poznań. This is where our business started. We also have warehouses in other parts of Poland to ensure the fastest possible delivery.

Why mestergroup?

We want our brand to be associated with international companies, thus the English reference. We are a group of people, not a corporation, it is important for us that each employee feels like in a group of friends, not like in a big machine in which he is just a cog.

How to join us?

We are open to new faces. You will find current job offers in the „Career” tab.

Why us?