Our brands


HUZARO is a gaming brand recognized in Poland and internationally. We provide a diverse range of products, enabling every gamer to set up a gaming station that fits their dreams.


MARK ADLER is a brand specializing in creating functional, stylish, and ergonomic furniture and office accessories. Our designs combine modern aesthetics with high quality.


VERTENZ is a brand specializing in high-quality household appliances. Our products combine functionality and attractive design to provide customers with unique experiences during their use.


TULANO is a brand focused on the youngest customers. In our offer, you will find modern and multifunctional products that make meeting children's needs simpler.


ATHLER is a brand providing comprehensive home gym equipment and fitness training accessories. Everything you need to achieve athletic success in the comfort of your own home.


GREGMAN is a brand focused on products in the categories of gardening, DIY, and home improvement. We offer high-quality tools to turn ideas into reality and create your dream living space.