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Meester Group is an international company built on knowledge and passion.

The company has been supplying individual and business customers with high-quality products at competitive prices for years. We focus on quality.

The Meester Group is pursuing a long-term plan to become a leader in industries. By improving every day and creating innovative and original solutions, we are getting closer to our goal.

A few words about us


Every step we take is well thought out and planned. We make every effort to ensure that our customer is satisfied and that all their expectations are met down to the smallest detail. The mission with which the company was created continues and every employee meticulously fulfils it every day.

We are confident in the quality of our products, so we are confident that every customer feels taken care of and appreciated. We aspire to the highest international standards beyond Polish borders.

Meester Group has three sub-brands that follow a common vision – attention to detail and the highest quality at competitive prices.

Huzaro is a gaming brand, known throughout Poland but also abroad. We do our best to make our offer as wide as possible so that every gamer can create a stand that suits their dreams and pockets.

Mark Adler deals with equipment for everyday use, following the latest design trends and creating new design directions at the same time. The best quality, ergonomics and functionality all at an attractive price.

Vertenz – a modern brand offering a wide range of products in the white goods category. It is the Meester Group’s newest brand and is growing rapidly. Keeping up to date with technological innovations and following trends is what best describes this brand.

What are we actually doing?

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